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In personal and professional life, most of us follow someone as our Idol! We follow them; we listen to them and try to track their foot step. Knowingly or unknowingly we feel like we are somehow get influenced by them. But in reality, we rarely get opportunity to meet them and share our creative ideas which we believe can change our life.

The young generation of us are very much potential who covers major part of our population. In our limited resources and opportunity they are doing very well wherever they get scope. In many cases we are yet to get deserved benefit since we fail to guide them. For the lack of counseling, guidance and mentor, we fail to bring 100% potentiality among them. Also they rarely find opportunity to share their dream; idea and platform to express their opinion on development issues. Saturday Talk has been thought of to fill the gap between these two situations.

Here young generation will get the opportunity to meet the industry leaders/dream personality, know their success story, get their advice, sharing their dreams and express their opinion on development issues.

The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance student’s knowledge on working environment, career and also to socialize them to become a globally responsible citizen. We will give effort to bring out best from them ensuring required knowledge, skills, attitude, experience on industry, competency for sustainable development.

Who will attend?

Students, job seekers, professionals along with Industry leaders, Educators, Renowned Personalities, Social Workers, Media Personalities and etc.

Program Durations:
Once a week for 3 hours

Projected Impacts:
• Young Generation will gain new awareness and understanding on career and national issues
• Find the courage to make that first step into an unknown future
• Build confidence
• Become the force of change in their life.
• Realize their full potential
• Learn how they can grow their tree of life, change life and journey toward a better place.
• Opportunity to share
• Meet the leader.